Probiotics + Pineapple →Fermented condensed pineapple juice

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Probiotics + Pineapple →Fermented condensed pineapple juice

Fermented condensed pineapple juice

R & D background of fermented condensed pineapple juice

In recent years, the fruit and vegetable juice beverage market has been focusing on the theme of “green, healthy and natural”, but it seems that we have encountered any bottlenecks to maintain a level of stagnation. If the green health is taken into account, it is still short of further innovation and upgrading.

Benefit from the advantages platform and resources of the strain storehouse, combination of mature lactic acid bacteria fermentation technology system, fruit and vegetable juice fermentation upgrade, improve fruit and vegetable flavor, promote human absorption.

Fermented fruit and vegetable juice both delicious and green health, will eventually become the new force of the trend drinks.

Fermented condensed pineapple juice

Product advantages of fermented condensed pineapple juice

Probiotics + Pineapple →Fermented condensed pineapple juice

Plant lactic acid bacteria fermentation, nutrition and new upgrade, delicious and healthy.

Fermented condensed pineapple juice is rich in a variety of organic acids, B vitamins and other probiotics metabolites, regulating gastrointestinal environment, promoting metabolism, eliminating fatigue.

Pineapple is rich in cellulose, which has the effect of improving constipation. It is rich in “pineapple prion enzyme”, it can decompose protein, help digestion, relieve inflammation and edema, and promote blood circulation.

Fermented condensed pineapple juice: fermentation new upgrade, delicious and healthy.

Fermented condensed pineapple juice is concentrated pineapple juice (pulp) as raw material, specially selected of SYNTEK® botanical probiotic starter (Lactobacillus plantarum, Streptococcus thermophilus). The product is made by a long time, low temperature, high density compound  fermentation of fermented. Zero fat product, rich in a variety of trace elements, probiotic metabolites, nutrition upgrade, delicious and healthy, fermented condensed pineapple juice is a delicious product that combines the nutritional value of pineapple with the added value of the probiotic fermentation active product. It can be made with a variety of natural and healthy ingredients DIY with all kinds of cold drinks, milkshakes, smoothies and other healthy and delicious food.

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