What’s the difference between $0.5 juice and $5 juice?

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What’s the difference between $0.5 juice and $5 juice?

Now more and more kinds of fruit juices are sold on the market, freshly squeezed, concentrated, non concentrated, cold pressed, 100% pure fruit juice, etc. When you buy fruit juice, you can’t tell the difference, let alone the price. The cheap juice is only $0.5, but the expensive juice can to $30 or more. So what’s the difference between them? What kind of influence does our body have? And which one is right for you?

kinds of fruit juices

How to pick fruit juice? which one is right for you?

Fruit juice beverage: About $0.5

The most common drinks on the market are all kinds of fruit juice drinks, the ingredients contain fruit juice concentrate, but the juice content is generally around 10%. To make up for the taste and increase nutrition, various kinds of food additives are added. However, fruity drink is even lower in juice content than fruit juice drink, doesn’t even contain juice. Visibly, The nutritional value of this drink is not much.

Fruit juice beverage

Fresh juice: About $1.5

Fresh fruit juice is squeezed from fresh fruit, the taste is fragrant and sweet. The fresh juice can increase the amount of water you drink, ensure the body’s need for water. In addition, fresh fruits contain many dietary fibers that is necessary for the human body. After the fruits are pressed, the dietary fibers are retained in the portion of the pomace, therefore, it is advisable to drink the portions of the pomace together.

Fresh juice

Fruit juice concentrates: About $1.5-$3

The making method of concentrated fruit juice is to squeeze the fruit into the juice, use low-temperature vacuum concentration method, and then evaporate part of the water. When you prepare fruit juice, the equivalent water should be returned to concentrated juice raw materials. The beverage products possess the color, flavor and soluble solids content of the original fruit flesh.

Fruit juice concentrates

NFC fruit juice: More than $30

The making process of NFC (Not From Concentrate) fruit juice is that fruit squeeze juice, directly pasteurized, and processed in a low temperature environment. No enrichment and water recovery process, no water, no sugar, no food additives. Compared to concentrated juice and juice drinks, NFC fruit juice is more healthy, the nutrition and the taste are also closer to fruit. NFC fruit juice is more hygienic and taste better than fresh juice.

NFC fruit juice

You may have been drinking wrong juice for many years

A juice drink that avoids water

If you want to drink real pure fruit juice, look at the ingredients and see if there’s any “water”. And then, is it 100% juice? Are there any additives at the back of ingredient list? Is the juice content not less than 10%? If it’s just a sugary drink with a lot of water and a little fruit juice, or change for drinks!

You’d better not choose one with much additive and sugar

All food additives are reasonable as far as the standard limits are concerned. But consumers have the right to pursue more natural product labels. Most ingredients on the market only have water and concentrated fruit juice, and they are all safe. Try to drink less fruit juice drink with added sugar and essence, and avoid juice that is not pure. After all, the fruit itself is not lacking in aroma and sugar.

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