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Fruit juice processing equipment and fruit juice processing line

AGICO specializes in producing all kinds of fruit juice processing equipment. With mature and exquisite process flow, professional equipment design and production, high-quality and high-level service team, our company is an excellent choice for fruit juice industry to succeed.

Fruit juice processing equipment

What is fruit juice process flow?

Fruit juice contains a large amount of water, sugar, malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, etc. Fruit juice also contains a small quantity of tannin and protein. The minerals in fruit juice mainly include calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and so on. Pigments include carotenoids, anthocyanins and so on. The fruit juice also contains a small amount of heat sensitive substances and aromatic substances. Only you fully grasp the composition and characteristics of fruit juice can you flexibly use various techniques in juice processing production process.  Intervening in the link of destroying fruit juice original nutrition, color, flavor, aroma, so as to enough obtain the ultimate quality product with original flavor.

The fruit juice is generally divided into clear juice and turbid juice. Common clear fruit juice has apple Juice, Grape Juice, pear juice, watermelon juice, blueberry juice, blackberry juice, etc. Turbid fruit-vegetable juice includes orange juice, tomato juice, carrot juice and etc. Fruit juice with flesh usually contains peach, apricot, plum and so on.

Fruit juice processing line: Pretreatment (selection, cleaning, crushing, heat treatment) – juicing – coarse filtration – ingredient adjustment – fine filtration – homogeneous degassing – concentration – sterilization – filling.

Fruit juice processing line

Pretreatment process

In the process of pretreatment, we should pay attention to fruits and vegetables with more pesticide residues, which can be added with dilute hydrochloric acid or fatty acid treatment when cleaning. For microbial contamination, you can soak with a certain concentration of bleach or the solution, then rinse with water. After crushing, most fruits must be pretreatment before squeezing, the purpose is to soften the flesh and to increase juice yield. In addition, different preheating temperature can promote or inhibit the enzyme activity. According to the different nature of the enzyme, you may grasp the proper pH, temperature and time, this directly affects the color and flavor of the final juice product. So fruit juice manufacturers must have a good grasp of the different processing according to the different needs of the market. In the fruit juice clarification, there are several ways to achieve clarification, such as enzymatic method, gelatin-tannin method, enzyme-gelatin method, diatom method. Remarkably, when using enzyme method, the normal pH value of pectinase is 4.5 ~ 5, the temperature is 50 ℃. If it is grape juice processing, special tartar removal is also necessary.

The blending process of fruit juice

Adjustment and mixing of fruit juice is the blending process, including the adjustment of sugar degree, determination of solid acid ratio, vitamin C addition. Making the final product to a certain specification that is a decisive step of the final product of nutrition, taste, and color.

Sterilization and filling of fruit juice

Most clarified juices are hot filling, then the products are subjected to tunnel sterilization, generally in 85℃ ~ 95℃ for 15 minutes to 30 minutes of sterilization. For turbid fruit juice, high temperature and short time sterilization is usually used, because too long heating time is easy to produce boiled taste, and the loss of color and fragrance is relatively large. Rapid cooling after sterilization and then packaging.

Fruit juice processing equipment for sale

If you have the intention of fruit juice processing project, please contact us. Our professional team will provide quality pre-sale, sale, customer service for you. I wish you cooperate with our company.

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