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Fruit juice processing plant professionally enhance added value of fruits

As we all know that the brand of the product is very important, good brand can bring huge sales. When people buy fruits, they usually choose fruit from a certain place of origin. The fruit of this origin is exactly a brand. With the gradual expansion of reputation, local people see the huge business opportunities brought by  the brand, and increase the planting of fruit trees or fruit seeds. The fruit planting coverage rate is gradually increasing and the production of the fruit is on the rise. However, some blind planting inevitably lead to unsalable problem and decline in output value.

current situation of apple juice industry

Some manufacturers or investors see the advantages of large quantity and low price, they begin to set up fruit juice processing plant in the local area. Fruit juice production line deeply processes fruit, which can increase the added value of fruit and help fruit growers increase their income.

AGICO fruit juice production line

Fruit processing need to adapt to ever-changing market demand, provide more high value-added products like fruit juice, fruit wine, fruit vinegar, etc. In order to meet the production demand of fruit juice market, AGICO has increased the investment in the design and R& D of fruit juice production line and production equipment.

AGICO fruit juice production line can process and produce a series of fruit juice, such as cloudy juice, clear juice, mixed juice and concentrated juice. The fruit juice production line can produce not only jam fruits like blueberries and strawberries, but also fruit stones like peaches and hawthorn. The freshness of fruits can be ensured in the process of production, processing, preservation and transportation, product value added is promoted.

General apple juice production process

washing and sorting

  1. fruit raw material selection. The variety, maturity, quality and storage period of apple have important influence on the color, aroma,  flavor, juice yield, quality and shelf life of apple juice. So, fruit juice manufacturers should choose apples with big fruit, high juice yield and easy storage.
  2. cleaning and sorting. Before the production and processing of apple raw materials, we must do cleaning work, clean up the dust and pesticide residues on apples. To ensure the safety and health of the production process, fruit juice producer need to pick the washed apples, and remove defective fruit and rotten part.
  3. squeezing juice. Apple juice can be extracted by juicing, centrifugation and beating.
  4. crude filtration. The juice after pressing still contains higher fruit residue, and it needs preliminary filtration, that is rough filtration.
  5. clarification filtration. After rough filtration, the fruit juice should be further clarified and filtered to ensure the final color of the fruit juice.
  6. Blending. For apple juice, the general concentration of pure fruit juice is higher, it need to be diluted. Moreover, the processed products such as apple juice, the color and fragrance have been affected. In order to improve the quality and make it more in line with national standards for fruit juice production, it is necessary to mix the apple juice and add some juice filling and packing
  7. packaging and sterilization. To meet the national safety and hygiene standards, apple juice needs to be sterilized before the final product is finished, then filling and sealing.

Juice making machines for sale

If you want to know more about fruit juice production line or juice making machines, please contact us soon. Our company will arrange engineers to provide you with professional solutions and full range of services.

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