Can the fruit juice be drunk after the shelf life?

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Can the fruit juice be drunk after the shelf life?

You can’t drink fruit juice with bad smell

Nowadays, the concept of food safety is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. When you buy fruit juice drinks, the higher the degree of attention to ingredients labels and shelf life. However, the headache for many people is that there are always some drinks at home which are facing the embarrassment of exceeding the shelf life. Throwing is a pity, eating is afraid of problem. This problem bothers not only Chinese, but people from other countries. According to a report, as much as 40% food is discarded every year in the US, per capita waste of $390 / year. The reason is that more than 90% of Americans decide the fate of fruit juice drinks depend solely on the shelf life of the package. Well actually, shelf life is not the deadline of food, it is academic to judge whether the expired food can be eaten.

fruit juice shelf life

“In fact, the concept of ‘shelf life’ is not understood by many people.” Fan Zhihong told “Life Times” reporter. The definition of shelf life is “product quality guarantee period under normal conditions”, in the shelf life period, businesses should be responsible for the quality of the product, so it is recommended to eat in the shelf life, but the shelf life is not the only standard to determine whether the food deterioration. During the shelf life, food may change prematurely due to changes in storage methods, environment and other factors, for example, after packing, the shelf life will be shortened. Beyond the shelf life, fruit juice drinks are not necessarily bad, which requires your own judgment.

AGICO warmly remind you, fruit juice drinks are generally sealed packaging. After the shelf life, if the appearance has not changed significantly(no discoloration, turbidity, precipitation and so on), juice drinks should be based on the taste and you can’t drink it with bad smell.

Drink pure fruit juice to improve heart function and anti-cancer

Drink pure fruit juice to improve heart function and anti-cancer

University of California research result shows, like eating fresh fruit, drinking 100% pure fruit juice can also play a role in disease prevention and health care. Such as reducing the risk of cancer, improving heart function, preventing memory degradation, improving the body’s antioxidant capacity.

According to the project leader, the analysis shows that although 100% of pure fruit juices are refined, they still preserve the bioactive components of fruits, which can play a role in the care and prevention of many diseases.

In order to understand whether or not 100% pure fruit juices can improve the body’s resistance to disease, the researchers analyzed a large number of research data published since 2005, which come from different types of studies, such as laboratory studies and clinical trials.

The study found that just like fresh fruit, many fruit juices have the effects of disease prevention and health care. For example, grape and apple juice can prevent memory decline, pomegranate juice can prevent prostate cancer, orange and grapefruit juice can prevent respiratory tract and digestive tract cancer, and etc. Although different fruit juices have different anti disease effects, all pure fruit juices have the function of improving the body’s antioxidant function, which is very beneficial to improve the comprehensive resistance of the body.

Fruit juice machinery for sale

Nowadays, fruit juice drinks with resource advantages are actively developed, the development of low calorie beverages, healthy nutrition drinks and chilled fruit juice drinks is encouraged, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, tea drinks, vegetable protein drinks and cereal drinks are vigorously developed. Fruit juice beverage has gradually become the development trend of beverage market.

fruit juice processing and production machinery

We have a variety of fruit juice processing and production machinery, we can save manpower and material resources, shorten production time and enlarge profit space for customers. Product quality is mature, market returns quickly, with the most professional technology and services to customers throughout the worry free!

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