Fruit juice and vegetable juice drink is quietly popular

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Fruit juice and vegetable juice drink is quietly popular

Soft drink, what do you know?

soft drink

Soft drink is natural or man-made beverages with alcohol content of less than 0.5% (mass ratio), which is also called refreshing drink or alcohol-free drink. The main raw material for soft drinks are drinking water or mineral water, fruit juices, vegetable juices or plant extracts of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits. Its basic chemical composition is water, carbohydrates and flavor substances, some soft drinks also contain vitamins and minerals. There are a lot of varieties of soft drinks. According to raw materials and processing technology, it is divided into 8 categories: carbonated drinks, fruit juices and their drinks, vegetable juices and their drinks, vegetable protein drinks, plant extracts drink, lactic acid drinks, mineral water and solid beverages. According to their nature and their drinking objects, it can be divided into 4 types: specialty drinks, health drinks, table drinks and mass drinks. The first classification is usually used in many countries around the world. Let’s talk about fruit juice and vegetable juice drink today!

Juice (pulp) and fruit juice drinksJuice (pulp) and fruit juice drinks include 2 categories: fruit juice (pulp) and fruit juice drinks. Juice (pulp) is the processed juice (pulp) or mixed juice products, the raw material is mature moderately fresh or frozen fruit. Fruit juice drinks are fruit juice beverage products, which is made by adding sugar, sour agents and other ingredients in the juice (pulp). The drink can be drunk directly or diluted for drinking. There are raw fruit juice, raw fruit pulp, concentrated fruit juice, concentrated fruit pulp and fruit juice drink, flesh drink, fruit pellet juice drinks, and high-sugar juice drinks.

Vegetable juice drinksVegetable juice drinks are made from one or more fresh or chilled vegetables (including Edible roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, edible fungi, edible algae and ferns.), the production process includes juice extraction, beating or leaching. Such products include vegetable juice, mixed vegetable juice, mixed fruit and vegetable juice, fermented vegetable juice and other vegetable juice beverages.

100% juice is actually called “restored juice”

According to the regulations, the fruit juice (pulp) content of fruit juice beverage shall be greater than or equal to 10%. Any beverage with fruit juice (pulp) content less than 10% shall not be called fruit juice drink, but the pure fruit juice drink juice content shall reach 100%.

There are 2 kinds of understanding about 100% fruit juice, one is pure fruit juice without any additive that is made by freshly squeezing with fruit; the other is restored from concentrated fruit juice.

Literally, many consumers understand “100% juice” as the former. But in fact, “100% pure fruit juice” claimed by businessmen is actually “concentrated reducing juice”, that is juice made from fruit juice concentrate and water. Generally speaking, concentrated juice is the initial juice squeezed out of water after evaporation.

How to choose fruit juice drink

How to choose fruit juice drink?

The new year is approaching, there are many banquets and gatherings for relatives and friends, classmates and family members, and the status of alcoholic drinks has gradually been replaced by fruit juice drinks. The choice of pure fruit juice drinks should pay attention to 4 aspects.

  1. Purity. Fruit drinks, low concentrations of fruit juice and 100% pure fruit juice are completely different concepts.
  2. Place of Origin. Globally, a fruit has only a limited number of the best producing areas. For example, high quality oranges are produced in Sao Paulo, Brazil, high quality grapes are produced in Valencia, Spain and high quality tomatoes are produced in Wusu, Xinjiang.
  3. Process. How much fruit juice preserves the natural quality of fruit depends mainly on the production process. Production, processing, sterilization, canning, storage and transportation will affect the quality of fruit juice to some extent.
  4. Texture. The taste of a good juice should be natural and mellow, and the mouth feel comfortable when drinking.
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