Matters needing attention in mango juice manufacturing process

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Matters needing attention in mango juice manufacturing process

Mango is one of the famous tropical fruits, known as “the king of tropical fruit”. Mango is rich in protein, sugar, vitamin C and other nutrients, its vitamin A precursor carrot ingredients are particularly high, which is rare in all fruits. Edible mango has the effect of anti-cancer, beautifying the skin, preventing hypertension and arteriosclerosis, preventing constipation, relieving cough and clearing the stomach and intestines. Because mango is difficult to store and transport, it is often processed into mango juice, candied fruit, fruit wine, dried fruit, jam, beverage and so on. In order to make full use of the huge capacity of mango and expand the processing mode, research and development of mango juice has great economic and social benefits.

mango juice

Mango juice manufacturing process


mango juice manufacturing process

Matters needing attention in mango juice manufacturing process

  1. Fresh and no rotten mangoes should be selected for processing mango juice. In addition, in mango juice manufacturing process, we should pay attention to the maturity of fruit, mature fruit will be fragrant and sweet. The maturity of the most sweet fruit is between 80% and 90%, too ripe is not suitable for production, it will produce an unpleasant odor.
  2. To prevent pesticide residues in the process of mango juice manufacturing. You need to know whether spraying pesticides to pest control. If the fruit raw materials are sprayed, you need to take measures of removing pesticide residues. The method: 0.3% – 0.6% dilute hydrochloric acid soaking for 20 minutes-washing with brush sprinkler-rinse with clean water. This way can remove the residual pesticide from the fruit epidermis.
  3. Prevention of ethephon exceeding the standard. Now many beverage factories like to make mango juice with mango sauce. Because the mango is ripened by using ethylene, so both epidermis and mango pulp may contain a lot of ethylene. A little neglect will make the product’s ethephon exceed the standard and be unqualified, and it will also endanger the health of consumers. A very effective way is ozone tracking neutralization. The mature mango with the head and tail cutting is first immersed in the first reaction pool. The water in the pond first flows through the electric water pipe that produces ozone, so that the water contains a certain amount of ozone. At this time, micro ozone can not only neutralize ethylene in the flesh of mango but also destroy the bacteria on the surface of mango.
  4. High pressure homogenization is very important. High pressure homogenization is not only for the good affinity of products, no precipitation and delicate taste, the main purpose of high pressure homogenization is to further refine the various kinds of esters of fruit, so that people feel very fragrant when drinking. No wonder that experts who produce beverages often say, “the essence of fruit juice industry competition is homogeneous competition.”
  5.  The gelatin process in mango juice manufacturing process is very important. In the process of hydrated gellan gum, due to the uneven mixing and stirring, the local concentration is too high, resulting in the formation of gel blocks. It should be fully and evenly stirred in juice manufacturing processing. In addition to good stability in shelf life, the optimized juice drinks with good taste must be gentle, coordinated, sweet and tasty. For different juice drinks, consumers have different requirements for taste and consistency. Orange juice drinks should be as refreshing as possible in the taste, so we should try to choose colloid with good pseudoplasticity and low viscosity in the selection of stabilizers. The cloudy fruit juice such as mango juice and banana juice can be slightly thicker.
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