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Mango juice processing machines and the value of mango juice

What are the machines in the mango juice production line?

Recently, mango juice is more and more popular, the mango juice production industry also has a trend of rapid development. When you build a mango juice production line, you firstly need to know the steps of mango juice production, which mainly include washing, sorting, peeling, removing the cores, pulping, filtration, degassing, homogenization, concentration, sterilization and packaging. Complete mango juice production line is just like the below picture.

mango juice production line

AGICO mango washing machine

Fruit washing machine is important for all fruit juice processing line. AGICO can provide customers with brush and spray cleaning machine and fruit bubble washing machine.

brush and spary cleaning machine

Brush and spray cleaning machine can remove extraneous matters and eliminate the stickiness contained on most of the mangos’ peels. The machine features high cleanliness and stability as well as energy and water efficiency.

fruit bubble washing machine

Fruit bubble washing machine mainly include tank, upender, blower, roller, spray water tube, hopper and etc. It is equipped with an elevator for material transmission. Our washing machines are suitable for multiple kinds of fruits.

AGICO rolling rail mango sorting machine

fruit sorting machine

The sorting machine has large production capacity, which can meet the need of large and medium-sized factory. It also can sorting apple, orange, etc.

Model Power(KM) production capacity (T/H) Size(mm)
GXJ-2 0.55 1-2 3000×600×1200
GXJ-5 0.75 2-5 3500×700×1200
GXJ-10 1.5 5-10 4000×850×1200
GXJ-15 2.2 10-15 5000×1000×1200
GXJ-20 3.0 15-20 6000×1200×1200

We also supply high quality peeling and destoning machine, mango pulping machine, filtration in mango production line and other machinery. For more machines of mango juice production, click here!

Why do people drink mango juice?

The effect and function of mango juice are very extensive. Mango juice is a dessert made with mango. Mango juice has a very good antioxidant function, so it can help delay aging. Mango juice can improve our immunity, protect our body, and clean our liver, kidneys and blood.

the value of mango juice

Nutritive value of mango juice

Like papaya juice, mango juice is also a very strong juice with rich nutrient, so you need a spoon when you drink it.  Mango juice is a powerful antioxidant, which has a good protective effect on body health. In particular, it is very beneficial to the kidneys and clean blood, and is said to have some resistance to certain cancers. Because mango juice is too strong, it should be mixed with other fruit juices in general. If you like the taste of mango, you can also drink pure mango juice.

Function and effect of mango juice

  1. The extracts of mango leaves can inhibit pyogenes, escherichia coli and pseudomonas aeruginosa. It also has the effect of inhibiting influenza virus.
  2. Anti-cancer. According to the modern diet point of view, mango contains a large amount of vitamin A, so it has anti-cancer effect. Eating mango has clear gastrointestinal effect and antiemetic role in motion sickness.
  3. Prevention and treatment of hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Mango contains nutrients, vitamin C, minerals, etc. In addition to the anti-cancer effect, Mango also has the function of preventing atherosclerosis and hypertension diet.
  4. Beautifying your skin. Because mango contains a large number of vitamins, often eating mango can play the role of nourishing the skin.
  5. Prevention and treatment of constipation. Mango contains a lot of fiber, which can promote defecation. It has some benefits in preventing and treating constipation.

For more fruit juice processing machines, please contact us by sending email.

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