Mango juice production process and fruit juice production machinery

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Mango juice production process and fruit juice production machinery

Why do we need mango juice production process?

Mango juice is rich in nutrients, the fruity is very strong, people who like mango will like mango juice. At the same time, mango also has a lot of effect and function, can play a good role in the protection of the health of the body. Mango also has a large amount of vitamin A, vitamin C and minerals. Vitamin A has a very good anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect, vitamin C and minerals have the effect of cancer prevention, prevention of arteriosclerosis and hypertension. A lot of vitamins can also beautify the skin. What’s more, mango juice has a lot of fiber, it has the effect of emptying the stomach. For people with carsick and seasickness, mango juice has some antiemetic effect. So mango juice is very popular. As a fruit juice producer, the production of mango juice is not to be missed! Understanding mango juice production process is of great help to the mango juice production.

mango juice production process

AGICO mango juice production process

AGICO is the most outstanding juice production line and machinery manufacturer in China. AGICO mango juice production line can be suitable for the process of mango or pineapple, which may produce clear juice, cloudy juice, concentrated fruit juice, jam and etc. AGICO mango juice production line adopts advanced design concept and high degree automation. The main equipments  are made of high quality stainless steel, which meets the hygienic requirements of food processing.

We can supply all kinds of juice making machinery you need, such as bubble cleaning machine, elevator, Fruit sorting machine, brush and spray cleaning machine, washing machine, surfing washing machine, peeling and extracting machine, peeling and destoning machine, pulping machines, juice extraction device, clarification device, concentration device, sterilization device, filling machine, packing machine, filtration device, essential oil extraction machine and etc.

AGICO mango juice production line

mango juice production line

Selection of raw materials – cleaning – picking – removing core – preheating enzyme inactivation – beating refining – concentration – blending – degassing – homogenization – sterilization – filling – finished products.

AGICO mango juice production process generally includes raw material pretreatment system, core and beating system, concentrated and evaporation system, mixing system, homogeneous and degassing system, sterilization and filling system.

  • Main raw material: Fresh mango fruit
  • Finished product: Concentrated juice, concentrated sauce, mango fruit juice drink, etc.
  • Daily production capacity: 5t -20t
  • Pulp recovery rate: 99.5%
  • Finished packaging: Aseptic large bag, glass bottle, PET bottle
  • Production / packaging form: Customized according to customer requirements / customer definition

Characteristics of AGICO mango juice production process

  • Large production capacity, ranging from 5t to 20t, suitable for the large and medium-sized factory.
  • Adding individual devices can handle similar fruits, such as pineapples.
  • Our important peeling and destoning machine has the integrated function of peeling and destoning, without purchasing two machines.
  • The whole process of PLC control, electrical components all are imported products, which save labor and greatly reduce the difficulty of operation technology.
  • Low temperature vacuum concentration ensures the flavor substances and nutrients, and greatly saves resources.
  • Tube sterilization and aseptic filling, to ensure that the sterile state of the product.
  • Automatic cleaning system.
  • The material contact parts of the system are all stainless steel material, it fully meet the requirements of food hygiene and safety.

Our company also supply orange juice processing line, pineapple juice processing line and apple juice processing line. If you need any fruit juice processing machinery, contact us quickly!

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