Thailand Customers Ordered Citrus Processing Line

In Mar. 2017, we ushered in a group of customers from Thailand. They visited our workshop, satisfied with our products and technology. Then, they asked about the parameters and details of our citrus processing line. After listening to the introduction and watching the processing effect of our equipments, they decided to order a complete [...]

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Iranian Customers Purchased Pineapple Juice Processing Line

In Dec, 2016, An Iranian client came to our factory to check and accept a set of pineapple juice processing line, which he ordered 5 months ago. He was satisfied with the quality and appearance of the machinery. Our staffs made a field test and manifested the processing effect to him. After that, he [...]

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India Customers Ordered Fruit Bubble Washing Machine

On October 28nd, 2016, India customers visited our factory and they were interested in our fruit bubble washing machine. They tested our machine and were very satisfied with the fruit washing performance. At last, they made an ordered with us about our bubble washing machine and expressed that they would like to stay in [...]

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AGICO Citrus Oil Grinding Machine Is Sold to Taiwan Company

In June, 2016, Taiwan Chiameei Group inspected and accepted our Citrus oil grinding machine. Taiwan Chinameei Group is know as the largest fruit juice manufacturer in Asia. They cooperate with us on the Oil Grinding Machine, which adopts advanced technology from Alfa Laval. It emerge as the first large-scale oil grinding machine in China, [...]

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India Customers Came to Our Company

Some India customers came to our company on April 17th 2016, they mainly wanted to inspect and purchase orange juice processing line, and we supplied some oranges to test our machinery of the orange juice processing line. India customers were satisfied with our peeling and extracting machine by trial production and comprehensive evaluation. What’s [...]

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