Small Packaging in Beverage Industry

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Small Packaging in Beverage Industry

In recent years, the packaging size of soft drink industry has been shrinking, which not only provides consumers with more choices, but also opens up new ways for packaging companies.

Small Packaging in Beverage Industry

There are several reasons why the market is interested in small packages. First, small packages can help brands differentiate themselves from other beverage packages. In addition, brands can help consumers reduce their calorie intake by offering smaller packages. Brands may have introduced small packages to cope with sugar taxes to withstand the rise in the price of sugary drinks per litre. In some markets, smaller packaging means that brands can launch products at different price segments.

Small Package Drink

In fact, this trend can be confirmed at major beverage industry exhibitions. We saw this trend at the German Beer and Beverage Industry Exposition. Beverage distributors for cans and plastic bottles packaging are increasingly interested in small packages. For some smaller size cans, sales can achieve double-digit growth. The rise of Mini-cans originated from catering trolleys on airplanes. Now this size can is suitable for premium mixed alcoholic beverages.

In the UK, drinks with higher calorie content are being converted to smaller cans, while low-sugar drinks are being maintained in larger cans. The technical challenges of developing small PET bottles for carbonated beverages and avoiding carbon dioxide losses are challenges for small packages.

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