What’s the Current Situation of China’s Apple Juice Industry?

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What’s the Current Situation of China’s Apple Juice Industry?

Market analysis of apple juice processing

China’s apple juice industry starts in the early 1980s. It has made remarkable headway since reform and opening-up. Up to now, China has become the world’s largest apple juice producer and exporter, taking up half of the world’s apple juice market. Concentrated apple juice is the major apple processed products. Cider, apple vinegar and fresh apple juice production spring up, which greatly promote China’s apple processing industry. However, china’s apple juice processing industry starts late, the juice processing technology is uncompetitive. The rate of apple used in processing remains low. We are lack of specialized apple species for processing. Our processed products are limited to concentrated apple juice. The production of canned apples, candied apples and dried apples are small in scale.

Facts of China’s apple juice

A large number of fresh fruits harvested from the field or stored in controlled atmosphere warehouse can be used to obtain fruit juice by the appropriate process, it is no exception for apple, one of the most popular fruits all over the world, each year, in the northern hemisphere, apples are harvested between September and mid-November, while in the southern hemisphere, the mature period is between February to mid-April. Like citrus fruits, there are different various apples, among them, the common cultivar used to obtain apple juice is the Mclntosh apple. Generally speaking, to produce about 200ml of apple juice, approximately two medium Mclntosh apples are needed. The mainly procedure of producing apples into apple juice is like this: after the apples are picked, they are cleaned and transported to the processing facility, through different procedures, such as washing, elevating, extracting, clarifying and etc, until there is the apple juice.

Prospect of apple juice processing industry

current situation of apple juice industryApple is honored as the most nutritious fruit, which contains various kinds of vitamins, minerals and sugars. Eating apple frequently helps strengthen people’s memory and intelligence, as well as improve the respiratory system and protect us from smoke pollution. Besides eating apples directly, we usually process apples into apple juice and apple jam. Apple juice processing has become a prominent industry in china over the past years. AGICO is an outstanding apple juice processing line supplier in China, providing effective solution for your apple juice production.

Current situation of China’s apple juice industry

China introduced its first apple juice processing line from Shandong Rushan juice company, whose production capacity is 2000t. After 30 years’ development, China’s apple juice production has increased from 1600t to over 1 million ton each year, taking an important position in global apple juice supplement.

Currently, china’s apple juice production is distributed in Shandong Peninsula, the middle of Shanxi and Henan Sanmenxia 3 major areas. There are near 100 factories with their apple juice production capacity over 20t per hour. They are distributed in Shandong, Shanxi and other northern apple growing regions.

Thanks to moderate climate, excellent production management and wide application of plant facilitates, China’s apple production grows at a rate of 7% to 8% annually. Except for the large apple resources, China’s apple juice production benefits from low labor cost. As Europe witnesses shrink in its apple juice production because of growing cost, there emerges a huge opportunity

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